9 mei 2020

A Surgent Approach to Quality Improvement in Assocations

This PhD-study from April 2019 consists of five parts. It can be downloaded in full from the University of Tilburg here, and consist of:

  • AO Main study 'Trusting associations. A Surgent Approach to Quality Initiatives in Associations', Published by Meer d>n Nu, 2019, see above.
  • A1 Case study public libraries (in Dutch): Voorbij het minimum ('Beyond the Minimum')
  • A2 Case study notaries (in Dutch): Werken aan het notarieel tekort ('Working the Notarial Deficit'). Ars Notariatus 169. Also published by Kluwer/ Stichting Notariaat
  • A3: Case study Brokers Association NVM (in Dutch): Meerwaarde in vele ogen ('Added Value in Many Eyes')
  • A4: Using the Intervention Pyramid.

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